Overcoming barriers to firewise actions by residents

TitleOvercoming barriers to firewise actions by residents
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsAbsher, JD, jerry Vaske, J, Lyon, KM
Series TitleJFSP Final Report
Document NumberJFSP 10-3-01-15
Date Published07/2013
Keywordsdefensible space, firewise, social and community impacts of fire, technical reports and journal articles


Encouraging the public to take action (e.g., creating defensible space) that can reduce the likelihood of wildfire damage and decrease the likelihood of injury is a common approach to increasing wildfire safety and damage mitigation. This study was designed to improve our understanding of both individual and community actions that homeowners currently do or might take to protect their home or property, and the barriers that impede homeowners from completing firewise treatments to their home or property.