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The Northwest Fire Science Consortium works to accelerate the awareness, understanding, and adoption of wildland fire science. We connect managers, practitioners, scientists, and local communities and collaboratives working on fire issues on forest and range lands in Washington and Oregon.

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NWFSC is one of
fifteen regional exchanges
sponsored by the Joint Fire Science Program.

Wildland Firefighter Health Series

May 31-June 2

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Hot Topics

Scientist Engagement with Boundary Organizations and Knowledge Coproduction: A Case Study of the Southwest Fire Science Consortium

Authored by K.E. Grimm; A.E. Thode; B.Satink Wolfson; L.E. Brown; Published 2022

Knowledge coproduction is increasingly advocated as a way to address complex

Extreme Winds Alter Influence of Fuels and Topography on Megafire Burn Severity in Seasonal Temperate Rainforests under Record Fuel Aridity

Authored by C. Evers; A. Holz; S. Busby; M. Nielsen-Pincus; Published 2022

Nearly 0.8 million hectares of land were burned in the North American Pacific

Extreme fire spread events and area burned under recent and future climate in the western USA

Authored by J.D. Coop; S.A. Parks; C.S. Stevens-Rumann; S.M. Ritter; C.M. Hoffman; Published 2022 Aim: Wildfire activity in recent years is notable not only for an expansion of total area burned but also for large, single-day

A quantitative wildfire risk assessment using a modular approach of geostatistical clustering and regionally distinct valuations of assets—A case study in Oregon

Authored by A. Schmidt; J. Punches; D. Leavell; M.A.Rocha Ibarra; J.S. Kagan; M. Creutzburg; M. McCune; J. Salwasser; C. Walter; C. Berger; Published 2022

Passive or Active Management? Understanding Consequences and Changes After Large Stand-Replacing Wildfires

Authored by P.Northwest Station; Published 2022

Every summer, wildfires burn thousands of acres of forests in the American West. After the fire, forest managers must decide what to do next: Leave the postfire

Traditional Fire Knowledge: A Thematic Synthesis Approach

Authored by C. Vázquez-Varela; J.M. Martínez-Navarro; L. Abad-González; Published 2022

Building fire-adaptive communities and fostering fire-resilient landscapes have become two of the main research strands of wildfire science that go beyond strictly biophysical viewpoints and call for the