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Needs Assessments

The NWFSC supports two-way communication about fire science by gauging ongoing research needs from science users and promoting emerging science. Understanding regional research needs helps us to determine work plans and priority areas, identify areas for cross-exchange collaboration, and provide feedback that can help inform broader research funding opportunities. We will begin a new comprehensive needs assessment effort in FY24. Previous assessments are listed below. If you have a research need you would like to share with us, please let us know below! 


Wildland fire science needs in Oregon and Washington : local and regional research availability, applications, and gaps

Year: 2019

The Northwest Fire Science Consortium (Consortium) works to accelerate the awareness, understanding, and adoption of wildland fire science by connecting users in the Pacific Northwest with the most useful resources available. These efforts require an ongoing understanding of how users access wildland fire science, the challenges and opportunities that they experience in using different types of research, and topics where more information is needed. Previous research, including a prior assessment by the Consortium in 2011, has highlighted the importance of local or regionally-relevant information among fire science users. In this assessment, conducted in 2018, we sought to update the needs assessment conducted in 2011 while investigating topics where local research was most needed.

32 pages.


Fire science needs in the Pacific Northwest

Year: 2011

Ecosystem Workforce Program Working Paper Number 33