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Our Products


Our newsletters share recent fire science publications, resources, and news along with highlighting some of the recent work we have been doing.  


NWFSC-created videos are short-form (1-6 minutes) overviews of fire science topics, presented through footage shot in the field and through the words and stories of scientists, community leaders, land managers, and more. 

Fire Facts

Fire Facts describe and define foundational fire-related terms and concepts in plain, easy-to-digest language. 

Archived Webinars

An archive with links to all past NWFSC-hosted webinars. 


NWFSC-created infographics aim to summarize key fire science topics or findings through visual aids like icons, graphs, charts, diagrams, and creative layout. 


Dynamic and interactive presentations of fire science concepts, findings, and stories. 


Our podcasts feature stories and discussions from fire science experts, journalists, and others. 


Our syntheses summarize and organize the academic research on clearly defined topics to pull out themes, gaps, and common findings. 

Needs Assessments

Needs assessments are the process by which we determine research needs in our region. The written reports describe the process, findings, and implications for each effort. 

Research Briefs

2-page summaries of recent research from the NW with highlighted management implications. 


Our Products: Recent Additions

Research Brief Fire Effects on Stream Ecosystem Responses in Western Oregon Watersheds [Added: ]

On 7 September 2020, strong winds in western Oregon ignited and spread many small fires, leading to multiple simultaneous megafires (fires > 404 km2) that burned across multiple land ownerships.

Archived Webinar Stories of Fire: Resources for Media CoveringWildfire Events and Topics in Oregon [Added: ] Media provide crucial information about wildfires and can be key messengers about fire’s role in our landscapes and communities. This summer, the Oregon State University Extension Fire Program and University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication collaboratively published a new resource guide to support effective media coverage of wildfires and related topics.
Archived Webinar The Oregon State Wildfire Hazard Map [Added: ] To enhance Oregon’s wildfire resilience, the State Legislature passed the 2021 SB 762 Omnibus Wildfire Bill that enacted recommendations from the Governor’s 2019 Wildfire Council. This included a $220M investment in landscape resilience, suppression response, as well as some new regulations for the home ignition zone for community protection.
Infographic Oregon Certified Burn Manager Program [Added: ] This fact sheet provides an overview of the Oregon Certified Burn Manager Program, including benefits, how it works, required and restricted actions, and links to additional resources.
Synthesis Indigenous fire stewardship for fire management and ecological restoration in the Pacific Northwest: A literature synthesis and annotated bibliography [Added: ] This systematic literature review focused on the following questions: 1. What is Indigenous fire stewardship and how has it been represented in peer reviewed literature? 2. What are the salient social issues, debates, and concerns about IFS and its application to restoration management? 3. What aspects of IFS has literature in fire ecology and ecological restoration included?