Health and Environmental Impacts of Smoke from Vegetation Fires: A Review

TitleHealth and Environmental Impacts of Smoke from Vegetation Fires: A Review
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsLiu, Z
Secondary AuthorsMurphy, JP
Tertiary AuthorsMaghirang, R
Subsidiary AuthorsDevlin, D
JournalJournal of Environmental Protection
Start Page1860
KeywordsAir Pollution, Emission, Epidemiology, Exposure, particulate matter, prescribed burning, smoke and air quality, technical reports and journal articles

Smoke exposure is often an inevitable side effect of open vegetation fires (both planned and wild) and is an important public health concern. The objective of this paper is to summarize state-of-the-art knowledge on health and environmental impacts of smoke from vegetation fires, to identify research gaps, and to provide needed information to researchers, land managers, policymakers, health care workers, and the general public. The main components of vegetation fire smoke and their characterizations are identified and evaluated. Concentrations, emission ratios, and emission factors of smoke components and the combined health and environmental effects of all hazardous smoke components from vegetation fire smoke exposure are summarized. Trends in risk assessment of vegetation fire smoke, limitations of current research, and future research needs are discussed.