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Perceptions of Wildland Fire Smoke

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With exposure to wildland fire smoke projectedto further increase (Barbero et al. 2015) there is aclear need for efforts to better mitigate or adapt tosmoke impacts in high-risk areas. Such efforts relyon an understanding of how people perceive, planfor, and respond to smoke. This synthesis compilespublished scholarly literature on how individualsperceive wildland fire smoke to offer an overviewof current knowledge on wildland fire smoke perceptions.It is intended to serve as a documentationof the scope, parameters, and gaps of researchto date in this field.

A. Ellison; H. Huber-Stearns; S.S. Frederick; M.R. Coughlan; S. McCaffrey; C.S. Olsen

Ellison A, Huber-Stearns H, Frederick SS, Coughlan MR, McCaffrey S, Olsen CS. Perceptions of wildland fire smoke. Northwest Fire Science Consortium; 2021. Available from: