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Addressing Equity & Environmental Justice in the Forest Service’s Wildfire Crisis Strategy

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Both the US Forest Service Wildfire Crisis Strategy and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that is funding the agency’s initial investments to reduce wildfire risk under the Strategy call for considering equity and environmental justice when implementing projects. During this webinar presenters Susan Charnley and Mark Adams (USDA Forest Service) provide an overview of their recent research on the environmental justice implications of managing hazardous fuels on federal forest lands. They then present practical applications of this research, including new tools, that help address these needs expressed in the Wildfire Crisis Strategy and the Infrastructure Law. 

Then, Alex Enna, Partnerships Program Manager on the Deschutes National Forest, shares perspectives at the forest-level on how these current efforts may be valuable in informing planning and decision-making on the ground. The webinar ends with a session dedicated to questions, discussion, and feedback. This webinar offers an overview on equity and environment justice considerations that span wildland fire research, policymaking, and on-the-ground management implications.