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Research Brief NWFSC Research Brief #5: Influences on Wildfire Burn Severity: Treatment and landscape drivers in an extreme fire event
Year 2014
In this study, researchers analyzed how previous management effortsand other factors including weather and landform influenced burn severityduring the 2006 Tripod Complex Fires, which at the time represented thelargest wildfire event in over 50 years in the state of Washington. The TripodComplex burned over 170,000 acres of mixed-conifer forests, including 387past harvest and fuel-treatment units…
Research Brief NWFSC Research Brief #4: Mountain Pine Beetle and Fire Behavior - Fuel dynamics in south central Oregon lodgepole pine
Year 2014
To determine the influences of mountain pine beetle epidemics in lodgepole pine forests in south-central Oregon, researchers looked at how ground, surface, ladder, and crown fuels change over time in response to beetle epidemics, and how these epidemics influence current and future fire behavior. By looking at similar stands of varying ages researchers documented changes in stand development and…
Research Brief NWFSC Research Brief #3: Songbird response to wildfire-Species abundance after a southwest oregon wildfire
Year 2014
In this study, researchers gathered vegetation and songbird abundance data in the Little Applegate Valley of Jackson County, Oregon. After one year of data collection, a portion of the study area experienced a 6,177-acre mixed-severity wildfire (23% low, 36% moderate, 42% high severity). To better understand how the wildfire affected songbird abundance, they continued to collect data in the…
Research Brief NWFSC Research Brief #2: Private Forest Owners and Wildfire Risk: Policy Implications in a Diverse Population
Year 2014
To better understand NIPF owners, and subsequently the types of policies that are most likely to engage them in fuel mitigation strategies, researchers at the USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station and Oregon State University surveyed and interviewed private forest landowners living in fire-prone forests in eastern and central Oregon. Over 500 survey responses and 60 one-on-one interviews with…
Research Brief NWFSC Research Brief #1: Traversing Through the Haze - Exploring the Human Perspective of Smoke from Fire
Year 2013
How does this smoke affect people? Do people know where the smoke comes from and does such knowledge affect their attitude towards it? Do concerns about smoke preclude the use of prescribed fire? Gaining insight into public attitudes toward smoke is important in making decisions regarding its management. To investigate these questions, we conducted a mail survey of households in four sites across…