Washington State 2020 Forest Action Plan

TitleWashington State 2020 Forest Action Plan
Publication TypeGovernment Report
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsResources, WDepartment
PublisherWashington Department of Natural Resources
KeywordsClimate resilience, techncial reports and journal articles, Washington State

Washington has more than 22 million acres of forestland. From the lush rainforests on our coasts, to the rugged sub-alpine forests along the Cascade Crest, to the pine-dominated hillsides surrounding the Columbia Plateau, forests are an integral part of our landscapes and communities, and they provide a wealth of benefits to Washingtonians and the planet. They provide us with sustainable timber and jobs, produce clean air and water, sequester carbon, and support world-class outdoor recreation. Our forests, however, face unprecedented threats that require bold action. Climate change is shifting precipitation patterns and increasing severe weather events. Drought is leading to tree die-off and increasing the forest’s susceptibility to insect and disease damage. Invasive species are threatening native plants and wildlife habitat. In areas facing development pressures, our forests are disappearing. And an increase in severe wildfires are endangering communities and damaging our forests and infrastructure.In response to these threats, DNR and its partners have developed this 2020 update to Washington’s Forest Action Plan. This plan sets out strategic goals and actions to address these pressing threats at a meaningful scale. It requires that DNR prioritize the places most at risk, develop new partnerships to leverage expertise and resources, and invest in actions that will keep the Evergreen State true to its name.