Trust: A Planning Guide for Wildfire Agencies & Practitioners

TitleTrust: A Planning Guide for Wildfire Agencies & Practitioners
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsShindler, B
Series EditorOlsen, C
Tertiary AuthorsMcCaffrey, S
Subsidiary AuthorsMcFarlane, B, Christianson, A, McGee, T, Curtis, A, Sharp, E
Series TitleA Joint Fire Science Program Research Publication
Keywordsagency, international collaboration, jfsp fire science briefs and digests, stakeholder

In increasing numbers, agency personnel, interest groups, and residents of at-risk communities are coming together to consider wildfire problems and taking steps to solve them. Particularly with regard to fire management, trust among parties is an essential element to successful local programs (Olsen & Shindler 2010, Lachapelle & McCool 2012). Despite a growing body of research literature on this topic, there are few practical guides for fire managers and practitioners about how to build and evaluate trust amongst stakeholders. Our intention here is to bring clarity to the trust concept and focus it specifically for use in fire management settings.