Reducing Fire Risk on Your Forest Property

TitleReducing Fire Risk on Your Forest Property
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBennett, M, Fitzgerald, S, Parker, B, Main, M, Perleberg, A, Schnepf, C, Mahoney, R
Document NumberPNW 618
Date Published10/2010
InstitutionPacific Northwest Extension
Keywordsextension publications and factsheets

Whether you own a few acres or thousands, this publication will help you reduce the potential for wildfire damage on your property while improving overall forest health and wildlife habitat. Although these actions won’t prevent a wildfire from coming onto your property, they can make it more fire resistant. In other words, by following the guidelines in this publication you can reduce a fire’s severity so that most trees survive and firefighters are better able to attack and extinguish the blaze.While this publication provides suggestions for making your property more fire-resistant, it does not specifically address the area of defensible space immediately around your home, cabin, or other structures. For detailed information about creating and maintaining defensible space, refer to the resources listed on page 28 of this publication.