NWFSC Research Brief #20 - Covering Wildfires: Media Emphasis and Silence

TitleNWFSC Research Brief #20 - Covering Wildfires: Media Emphasis and Silence
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsConsortium, NFire Scien
Series TitleNorthwest Fire Science Consortium Research Briefs
Document Number20
Date Published9/19
Keywordsextension publications and factsheets, media, research briefs, wildfire

In this study, researchers examined print media coverage, data of burned homes, and demographic data of towns impacted by two major wildfires in Washington State. The Carlton Complex burned over 250,000 acres and hundreds of homes in the Methow Valley in 2014, becoming the largest wildfire in Washington’s history. In 2015, the fires that made up the Okanogan Complex burned over 300,000 acres in the same part of northcentral Washington, destroying hundreds more structures and resulting in three firefighter fatalities. Researchers investigated the topics that were prominent and that were ignored in the media coverage of these two wildfires. In particular, they examined media coverage related to wildfire risk and firefighter safety, and compared the locations focused on in the media coverage of the fires in relation to the locations with the greatest damage from the fires.