Minimize the bad days: Wildland fire response and suppression success

TitleMinimize the bad days: Wildland fire response and suppression success
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsWollstein, K, O’Connor, C, Gear, J, Hoagland, R
Date Published02/2022
Keywordsfire management, Fuel breaks, fuel management, Partnerships, technical reports and journal articles, wildland fire

• Effective wildland fire response and suppression are critical for reducing the size of frequent and severe wildfires, thereby reducing the risk of post-fire conversion to invasive annual grass-dominated plant communities.

• Wildland firefighter safety and strategic deployment of resources are paramount for timely initial attack to prevent incidents from escalating.

• By mobilizing a timely and safe initial response, early detection technologies, strategic networks of fuel breaks, and Rangeland Fire Protection Associations help “minimize the bad days” on the fireline and improve suppression success on a vast and remote landscape.