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Fuel Treatments and Fire Severity: A Meta-Analysis

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We employed meta-analysis and information theory to synthesize findings reported in the literature on the effects of fuel treatments on subsequent fire intensity and severity. Data were compiled from 19 publications that reported observed fire responses from 62 treated versus untreated contrasts. Effect sizes varied widely and the most informative grouping of studies distinguished three vegetation types and three types of fuel treatment. The resultant meta-analytic model is highly significant (p<0.001) and explains 78% of the variability in reported observations of fuel treatment effectiveness. Our synthesis highlights several considerations that both support and inform the current fuels management paradigm.

E.J. Martinson; P.N. Omi

Martinson EJ, Omi PN. Fuel Treatments and Fire Severity: A Meta-Analysis. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station; 2013 p. 35.

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