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Estimating volume, biomass, and potential emissions of hand-piled fuels

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Dimensions, volume, and biomass were measured for 121 hand-constructed piles composed primarily of coniferous (n = 63) and shrub/hardwood (n = 58) material at sites in Washington and California. Equations using pile dimensions, shape, and type allow users to accurately estimate the biomass of hand piles. Equations for estimating true pile volume from simple geometric shapes and measurements of pile dimensions were also developed for users who require estimates of pile volume for regulatory reporting. Biomass and volume estimation equations were developed to allow users to estimate either value from pile dimensions. Hand pile biomass estimates can be used to predict fuel consumption and smoke emissions by applying proportional consumption estimates and emission factors. Equations to estimate pile volume, pile biomass, fuel consumption, and pollutant emissions from pile shape, dimensions, and quantity are programmed into a Web-based calculator for use by the management and regulatory communities.
C.S. Wright; C.S. Balog; J.W. Kelly
Wright CS, Balog CS, Kelly JW. Estimating volume, biomass, and potential emissions of hand-piled fuels. Portland, OR: US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station; 2009 p. 23. Available from: