Bridging the gap: Joint Fire Science Program Outcomes

TitleBridging the gap: Joint Fire Science Program Outcomes
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsBarrett, SW
Series TitleFire Science Digest
Document Number24
Date Published02/2017
Keywordsjfsp fire science briefs and digests

The Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) has funded an impressive number of research projects over the years. However, the number of projects does not necessarily provide an accurate picture of the program’s effectiveness. Over the last decade, researchers have collected data and conducted several studies to determine whether the results of JFSP-funded projects are reaching potential users and informing management decisions and actions. Those studies have helped identify issues and influence changes within the program. Early studies pointed out the need for a boundary-spanning organization to improve delivery of science information, which resulted in the establishment of the Fire Science Exchange Network. They also identified other issues pertaining to access to and exchange of science information, which led to improvements by members within the network. While some studies showed that JFSP-funded research is being used for planning and for supporting treatment prescriptions, they also identified barriers that prevent greater use of fire science information by the broader fire management community. These outcomes studies are an important tool to help the JFSP address those barriers and continue to make program improvements.