JFSP Funded Research Projects

The JFSP responds to the emerging needs of stakeholders by tailoring timely wildland fire research through an annual cycle of proposal solicitation, review, funding, and science delivery. JFSP research projects complement and extend in-house capacity of other federal fire research programs, including the U.S. Forest Service research stations and the U.S. Geological Survey. Through these partnerships, they can collaboratively mobilize with universities and other affiliates in the fire science community.

To learn more about JFSP funded research projects, including a database for ongoing research, completed research, and research data archive visit the Joint Fire Science Program's Research page.

Wanted! JFSP Success Stories

We are looking to hear from you - scientists, researchers, and managers. Success stories demonstrate how the products from fire science research or other JFSP-funded activities are being implemented by the fire and/or fuels management community. They are about the application of scientific understanding or use of tools, models, or techniques resulting from individual projects or suites of projects over time. They show successful planning, implementation, outreach, products, or impacts (e.g., behavior changes, opportunities, resource recovery, or enhancement). They describe efforts at the organization, community, or agency level and at different spatial scales. Start sharing your stories now!

Funding Opportunity Notice (FON) Announcement | Updated April 2018

The intent of this notice is to provide an update to investigators who are interested in potential research opportunities from JFSP.

JFSP is pleased to announce the release of the Funding Opportunity Announcement for Graduate Research Innovation (GRIN) awards for FY18. The following is the link to the grants.gov notice:  https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=303188

Note that the announcement closes on May 30, 2018. This is shorter turnaround than previous years, given the lateness of the announcement and the desire to still execute awards by the end of the fiscal year.