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The Northwest Fire Science Consortium works to accelerate the awareness, understanding, and adoption of wildland fire science. We connect managers, practitioners, scientists, and local communities and collaboratives working on fire issues on forest and range lands in Washington and Oregon.

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NWFSC is one of
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sponsored by the Joint Fire Science Program.

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Hot Topics

Adapting western North American forests to climate change and wildfires: ten common questions

Authored by S.J. Prichard; P.F. Hessburg; K. Hagmann; N.A. Povak; S.Z. Dobrowski; M.D. Hurteau; V.R. Kane; R.E. Keane; L.N. Kobziar; Published 2021

We review science-based adaptation strategies for western North American

Planning for future fire: Scenario analysis of an accelerated fuel reduction plan for the western United States

Authored by A.A. Ager; C.R. Evers; M.A. Day; F.J. Alcasena; R. Houtman; Published 2021

Recent fire seasons brought a new fire reality to the western US, and motivated federal agencies to explore

Wildfire and climate change adaptation of western North American forests: a case for intentional management

Authored by P.F. Hessburg; S.J. Prichard; K. Hagmann; N.A. Povak; F.K. Lake; Published 2021

Forest landscapes across western North America (wNA) have experienced extensive changes over the last two centuries,