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The Northwest Fire Science Consortium works to accelerate the awareness, understanding, and adoption of wildland fire science. We connect managers, practitioners, scientists, and local communities and collaboratives working on fire issues on forest and range lands in Washington and Oregon.

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NWFSC is one of
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sponsored by the Joint Fire Science Program.


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Hot Topics

Expansion of the invasive European mistetoe in California, USA

Authored by D.S. Shaw; C.A. Lee; Published 2020

The horticulturist Luther Burbank introduced the European mistletoe (Viscum album L.) to Sebastopol, Sonoma County, California, USA, around 1900 to grow as a Christmas ornament crop and tincture for medicinal use. The mistletoe has since

Burning without borders: Cooperatively managing wildfire risk in Northern Colorado

Authored by T. Cheng; M. Caggiano; Published 2020

Because wildfires don’t stop at ownership boundaries, managers from governmental and nongovernmental organizations in Northern Colorado are taking steps to pro-actively “co-manage” wildfire

The hot-dry-windy index: A new tool for forecasting fire weather

Published 2020

Accurate predictions of how weather may affect a wildfire’s behavior are needed to protect crews on the line and efficiently allocate firefighting resources. Since 1988, fire meteorologists have used a tool called the Haines Index to predict days when the weather will

Disjunct and decoupled? The persistence of a fire-sensitive conifer soecies in a historically frequent-fire landscape

Authored by W.M. Downing; J.D. Johnston; M.A. Krawchuk; A.G. Merschel; J.H. Rausch; Published 2020

Local and regional species extirpations may become more common as changing climate and