Westside Fire Regime Summit

May 24, 2017 - 1:00pm to May 25, 2017 - 3:00pm
Vancouver, WA

Fire in the Pacific Northwest - Past, Present, & Future

Implications for ecology, operations, and restoration west of the crest of the Cascade Mountains

Join us for a summit on the state of knowledge and available research on fire regimes for forests and grasslands west of the Cascade Range in Oregon and Washington. The summit will provide an opportunity for dialog and interaction between participants, discussion of shared field experiences, and will feature key speakers from the field of fire ecology. The target audience for this event is federal and state land managers, private forest land managers, fire managers, fuel specialists, collaborative groups in the wildland-urban interface, extension faculty, and other technical service providers and educators.


This summit will bring together fire professionals, land managers, collaboratives & communities, researchers, scientists, and outreach specialists to:

  1. Learn, review and discuss the available science on Westside fire regimes and implication for forest, woodland and grassland management, community preparedness and, where appropriate, restoration needs and current activities;
    • Understanding the historical, current, and future role of fire in Westside systems
    • Discuss the opportunities and barriers of using fire as a tool to accomplish restoration and restoring the process of fire
    • Understanding what changes are occurring in Westside fire regimes
  2. Identify challenges and research gaps;
  3. Determine strategies/tools to assist land managers and communities in the WUI


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Registration is $225. 
This includes all workshop materials, refreshments and meals
during breaks, and the opening reception on May 24th.