Request for post-fire tree mortality

February 1, 2017 (All day)

Project scientists seek data contributions to a Joint Fire Sciences Program project examining tree mortality due to wildland fire in the U.S. They are interested in U.S. datasets that at minimum include year of fire, county, state, and individual tree records of species, DBH and crown injury (some measure of crown scorch, kill, and/or consumption).

These datasets will be aggregated into an archived database of post-fire tree mortality and used to:
1) validate existing predictive post-fire mortality models and 2) examine the influence of pre-fire climate to improve predictions of post-fire tree mortality. The archived data product will be made publicly available within one year of project completion (approximately 2020). Click here for additional project detail.

Please contact: C. Alina Cansler,, (406) 829-6980 for additional information or questions. Thank you for your interest.

*Contributors will receive authorship of the formally published archived data product and, at minimum, acknowledgement of contribution in published articles