Living with wildfire in Ashland, Oregon: 2020 Data Report

TitleLiving with wildfire in Ashland, Oregon: 2020 Data Report
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsBrenkert-Smith, H, Chambers, C, Gibble, K, Barth, CM, Donovan, C, Wagner, C, Lerch, A, Meldrum, JR, Champ, PA
Series TitleResearch Note
Document NumberRMRS-RN-88
Date Published12/2020
InstitutionUSDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountian Research Station
Keywordstechnical reports and journal articles

Wildfire affects many types of communities. Improved understandings of urban conflagrations are leading
some fire-prone communities, such as Ashland, Oregon, to expand their attention from focusing solely
on the intermix fringe to managing wildfire threats across more urbanized wildland-urban interface (WUI)
communities. The core intent of this project was to build a partnership between the Wildfire Research (WiRē)
Team and Ashland Fire and Rescue (AFR) by leveraging existing wildfire risk data collected in March 2018
and pairing it with newly collected social data to better understand Ashland, Oregon residents’ knowledge,
experiences, and perceptions about wildfire risk. This greater understanding will help AFR focus its programs
and outreach and ultimately promote increased mitigation and reduced wildfire risk in Ashland.