Current projects

Program Priorities

New- Awarded 7/1/2020 (FY21)

  • Multi-scale Habitat Value of Slash Piles for Conserving Rare Carnivores -- John Bailey, Katie Moriarty (2 years $103,559)
  • Red Tree Voles in Working Forests -- John Bailey, Katie Moriarty (3 years, $117,862)
  • Where is it the most effective to restore streams?  Salmon Habitat Restoration using Large Wood: Linking Stream Geomorphic Change and Restoration Effectiveness -- Catalina Segura, Sandara Villamizar, Erik Suring, Christopher Lorion (2 years, $151,623)

 Ongoing - Awarded 7/1/2019 (FY20)

  • Development of native bee identification keys for the Pacific Northwest -- Jim Rivers (3 years $125,405)
  • Assessing the response of aquatic biota to alternate riparian management practices-- Dana Warren, Ashley Coble (3 years, $184,305)

 Ongoing - Awarded 7/1/2018 (FY19)

  • Biodiversity in Natural and Managed Early Seral Forests of Southern Oregon -- Meg Krawchuk, Matthew Betts, James Rivers, A.J. Kroll, Jake Verschuyl, Mark Swanson (3 years, $250,417)
  • Black-Backed Woodpecker Vital Rates in Unburned and Burned Forest Within a Fire-Prone Landscape -- Jim Rivers, Jake Verschuyl (2 years $95,217 - Extended) 

 Ending - Awarded 7/1/2018 (FY19)

  • Due to COVID-19 delays, no projects are set to end in 2021-2022.