Mountains to the Sea: Ecosystems of Chile

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March 19 - 26, 2022 (Spring Break)

(Applications will open soon!)


Looking for a fresh new way to spend your spring break? Do you enjoy the Pacific Northwest, yet feel a need to see the world?

Journey with CoF faculty to Chile to build field skills and discover a landscape that will feel at once familiar and starkly new.

This program builds on a long and rich history of comparative ecology between the US West Coast and Chile that has played a key role in the development of convergent evolution theory, biogeography, and plant ecology. Despite very different natural histories of Northern and Southern hemisphere west coast flora and fauna, these regions support many functionally similar species and ecosystems that reflect broad similarities in climate and geology. Interactions with Chilean faculty and students in this program will give you the opportunity to both practice Spanish and learn firsthand about both the diversity of Chilean terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and the social and cultural factors that impact them.  In the process, you’ll develop friendships and connections with Chilean faculty and students that will influence your careers and lives.

We will visit significant forestry sites and meet with stakeholders and peers from Universidad Austral de Chile to discuss forestry issues. As part of this program, we will visit several distinct regions in Chile - Coastal Valdivian temperate rainforest and Andean montane forests. For more information about the course, application process, funding, or other logistical details, please contact Kerry Menn.

Following this course, students may stay on in Chile during Spring Term as interns in a field of their choosing. Opportunities are available with forest industry, NGO's, conservation organizations, research forests and more.  Contact for more information.  You can utilize financial aid and earn credit for these internships!

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Faculty-led programs are available to ALL OSU STUDENTS