Forestry & Natural Resources Extension

Welcome to the Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Program at Oregon State University! Our Extension Agents and Specialists work everyday to learn about the latest techniques in natural resource management, and then, through educational programs and materials, transfer this knowledge to our client groups, such as forest owners, foresters and other natural resource managers, Educators (PreK-12), Christmas tree growers, loggers and forest workers, etc. On this website you will learn about some of our marquee programs, such as Master Woodland Manager, Citizen Fire Academy, Women Owning Woodlands, Tree School, and more. Check out our calendar of upcoming events, and our more than 100 publications and other educational materials. Also, we invite you to visit your nearest county Extension office to meet your county staff up close and personal. While we do not have Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Agents in every county, chances are there is an agent in a nearby county who can assist you. It is our mission to be the state's leading provider of research-based knowledge and problem-solving educational programs designed to foster new ways to manage and use Oregon's forest resources wisely.

Upcoming Opportunities

Mycoforestry for a Greener Future: Grow and Remediate Forests with Beneficial Fungi

Beneficial fungi are among the most valuable restoration tools for promoting ecosystem recovery. Learn how we can harness ancient plant/fungi symbiosis to reverse the loss of our forests and increase their biodiversity. We will discuss the roles mycorrhizal and saprophytic fungi play in forest systems, including how fungi help…

2021 Land Steward Training Program

Early Bird Registration until Aug. 1: Early Bird Discount of $50 ($200/$350) Through Aug. 1. (Without volunteer service-: $500, couples $950) Through Aug. 1 Registration Deadline August 16, 2021 Scholarships and payment plans available by arrangement COVID-19 pandemic protocols for Oregon and OSU will be…

How to Manage Your Forest