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Li Z, Angerer JP, Wu B. The impacts of wildfires of different burn severities on vegetation structure across the western United States rangelands. Science of The Total Environment. 2022;845(157214).PDF icon Li et al_2022_Sci total Envir_Impacts of wildfires of different burn severities on veg structure across western US rangelands.pdf (2.58 MB)
Essen M, McCaffrey S, Abrams J, Paveglio T. Improving wildfire management outcomes: shifting the paradigm of wildfire from simple to complex risk. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. 2022;Online.PDF icon Essen et al 2022_Improving WF Mgmt outcomes.pdf (663.56 KB)
Wickham SB, Augustine S, Forney A, et al. Incorporating place-based values into ecological restoration. Ecology and Society. 2022;27(3).PDF icon Wickham et al_2022_Ecol and Soc_Incorporating place-based values into ecological restoration.pdf (2.01 MB)
Kalashnikov DA, Schnell JL, Abatzoglou JT, Swain DL, Singh D. Increasing co-occurrence of fine particulate matter and ground-level ozone extremes in the western United States. Science Advances. 2022;8.PDF icon Kalashnikov et al_2022_Fine Particulate Matter.pdf (3.24 MB)
Roos CI, Guiterman CH, Margolis EQ, et al. Indigenous fire management and cross-scale fire-climate relationships in the Southwest United States from 1500 to 1900 CE. Science Advances. 2022;8(49). Available at: icon Roos et al_2022_ScienceAdvances_Indigenous fire mgmt and cross-scale fire-climate relationships in the SW US 1500 to 1900 CE.pdf (1.46 MB)
Paveglio T. The interactional approach to adaptive capacity: Researching adaptation in socially diverse, wildfire prone communities. Local Development and Society. 2022.PDF icon TheinteractionalapproachtoadaptivecapacityResearchingadaptationinsociallydiversewildfirepronecommunities.pdf (860.97 KB)
Busby SU, Holz A. Interactions Between Fire Refugia and Climate-Environment Conditions Determine Mesic Subalpine Forest Recovery After Large and Severe Wildfires. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change. 2022;5.PDF icon Busby and Holz_Frontiers_Interactions between fire refugia and climate-enviro conditions determine recovery.pdf (4.67 MB)