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Creighton J. NWFSC Activity Report - Climate change assessment for Tribal lands in the Pacific Northwest.; 2017.PDF icon Tacoma workshop report.pdf (6.96 MB)
Consortium NWFire Scien. NWFSC Fire Facts: What is? Fire Behavior.; 2017.PDF icon FIREFACTS_Fire Behavior.pdf (713.8 KB)
Consortium NWFire Scien. NWFSC Fire Facts: What is? Fuel.; 2017.PDF icon FIREFACTS_FUELS.pdf (685.65 KB)
Consortium NWFire Scien. NWFSC Fire Facts: What is? Topography.; 2017.PDF icon FIREFACTS_Topography.pdf (885.6 KB)
Consortium NWFire Scien. NWFSC Fire Facts: What is? Weather.; 2017.PDF icon FIREFACTS_Weather.pdf (585.04 KB)
Consortium NWFire Scien. NWFSC Fire Facts: What is? WUI.; 2017.PDF icon WUI Final.pdf (693.6 KB)
Consortium NWFire Scien. NWFSC Research Brief #13: Contracted Suppression Resources: Private Engine Dispatch and Sharing in the Northwest.; 2017.PDF icon NWFSC_RB13_Private engines.pdf (1.31 MB)
Consortium NWFire Scien. NWFSC Research Brief #14: Engagement Strategies: Helping Facilitate Development & Implementation of Adaptation Options.; 2017.PDF icon NWFSC_RB14_Engagement strategies.pdf (1.89 MB)
Consortium NWFire Scien. NWFSC Research Brief #15: Conflict Around Suppression: Drivers and Legacies.; 2017.PDF icon NWFSC_RB15_wetstuffHotstuff_online.pdf (1.53 MB)
Consortium NWFire Scien. NWFSC Research Brief #16: Rangeland Fire Protection Associations: Institutional and Social Dimensions of an Alternative Model of Wildfire Response.; 2017.PDF icon NWFSC_RB16_RFPAs_Posting.pdf (1.38 MB)
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Jetter AJ. Policy Scenarios for fire-adapted communities: Understanding stakeholder risk-perceptions, using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps. (Gray SA).; 2017.PDF icon JFSP_final_report_Fuzzy_cognitive_maps_Stakeholder_Perspectives (1).pdf (658.79 KB)
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Shive K. Recovering from Wildfire: A Guide for California's Forest Landowners. (Kocher S). Richmond: University of California; 2017. Available at: icon Shive and Kocher 2017 Recovering from Wildfire - A Guide for California's Forest Landowners.pdf (3.31 MB)
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