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Norse Peak Fire Update, Thursday, September 21, 2017 (Norse Peak Fire Wildfire)

InciWeb Articles WA - September 21, 2017 - 11:43am
Date Started: Aug. 11, 2017; Cause: Lightning; Acreage: 52,056 (Norse Peak), 3,853 (American), 1,061 (Saw Mill); Percent Completed: 80% (Norse Peak), 99% (American), 99% (Saw Mill). Total Personnel: 366, which includes 12 Crews, 32 Engines, 2 Helicopters, 1 Bulldozer, 1 Water Tenders. Fire Summary: Some wetting rains are still possible. Temperatures will remain below the seasonal average with a slight upward trend expected into the weekend. Minimal fire growth with isolated pockets of slow surface spread where the fire is sheltered by the forest canopy and burning in the larger dead or down trees is still possible. Norse Peak Fire State Route 410 is being cleared of debris and hazardous trees are being removed. State Route 410 will re-open for thru traffic only at 12 noon today. Level 1 evacuations remain in place. Forest Road 1900 (Little Naches) remains closed and Forest Road 1800 (Bumping River Rd.) is open to private landowners only. Thinning, and removing hazardous trees along...


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